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Screenwriting, podcasting, blogging, and content creation. Samples available through links or by request!


As featured in the Richmond International Film Festival, The International Horror Hotel, The Portland Screenplay Festival, and the Beverly Hill Screenplay Festival. Samples are available upon request.

  • A Lovely Service - Three grown siblings survive the trials and tribulations of planning their mother's funeral.  (Comedy/Feature)

  • hAlways - A man trapped in a labyrinth comes to terms with the hell he finds himself in. (Horror/Short)

  • The Cult of Richard Harding - A hairdresser in Oklahoma accidentally begins a cult and finds that divinity lives in all of us. (Comedy/Feature)

  • After Prom - A coming-of-age story that celebrates the work of John Hughes. A group of childhood friends have the time of their lives at the only event that matters: The party AFTER prom! (Written with David J. Goren/Comedy/Feature)


  • GAMES WE NEVER PLAY - The gaming exploratory podcast. We take games, play them, and talk about them in a round-table discussion with online content creators and game designers alike. (Writer, Host, Producer, Editor)

  • UNCANNY VALLEY: CANCER CELL - A long-form adventure set in the Onyx Path Chronicles of Darkness gameline.  (Player, Producer, Editor)


  • NERDIST (formerly Geek & Sundry) - Created gaming-related content to promote streams and upcoming videogames.

  • Skip - A - Turn - Created evergreen tabletop gaming content on a personal blog, winner of the 2014 Newbie Blogger Initiative.

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